Get It Right: Making Time For Friends

For those of you who follow us on Instagram know that I took over the Ace Hill Instagram on Friday night for a fun time filled with drinks, delicious food and some amazing Motown music. This is by far not my average Friday night and with the help of Ace Hill I was able to round up four of my closest friends for a well deserved night off.

This night was actually weeks in the making but was definitely worth all the planning. The four amazing women, Rachel, Naomi, Ashely and Emily, I spent my Friday night with I've known for 4+ years and we have grown so much alongside each other. When it comes to scheduling it's always a lot of work to line up two schedules, so lining up five felt like a  pop quiz I definitely was not prepared to take. After two cancelations and a few revisions we settled on Friday night starting with dinner at Ufficio on Dundas West and ending with The Big Band at The Great Hall. 

Image c/o Renée Suen

One thing I've always struggled with, especially in such a busy city, is making time for all the relationships in my life. I'm very blessed to have such great friends from different aspects of my life which leads to many different plans. Some weeks I don't even have a night off to myself and I'm running between work, industry events and catching up with friends. These weeks, as much as they're hectic, give me so much energy to connect and see the people I care about. 

As an entrepreneur I often get caught up in work and put precedence on making more time for work than I do for other areas of my life. When it came to Friday night and rounding up the group of us, I realized that it had been weeks since all of us were together for some quality time (minus a birthday dinner). I definitely don't want to fall into that pattern with my relationships, where they get scheduled in between work commitments but rather they are a priority in my life, because they truly are a priority in my life. 

I remember hearing a line from a movie saying that your career won't wake up one day and decide it doesn't love you anymore. That really stuck out to me, not in a way that I agree but actually in the opposite way. Your career likely will always be there, yes there may be a layoff or path change along the way, but having a career and job will always be there. Having strong, loving and committed relationships definitely wont, especially if they are always taking second place in your life. There is a time, usually it comes in waves, that your career should be your main focus, but even in those times you shouldn't sacrifice relationships that will keep you honest, driven and happy. At the end of the day, the success I have in my professional life has no value to me if I don't have people I love to share it with. 

So thank you to my amazing friends, Ace Hill, Ufficio and The Big Sound for a long overdue night of refreshing drinks, delicious food, laughter, terrible dance moves and new memories.

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