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Article: Meet Our Muse: Lee

Meet Our Muse: Lee


For those who don’t know you – share short bio about yourself. What would your close friends add to it? 

Lee, 23

Libra sun, Scorpio Moon, Leo rising

I’m an artist & model born and raised in New York City. My family’s from Trinidad and Puerto Rico, so the islands are a big part of my identity. I like to explore various mediums of art, jewelry making & painting are two of my favorites. A lot of my illustrations revolve around divine feminine energy and exploring the metaphysical realm. Elements of nature and vibrant colors are very present in my work. I like to keep a positive outlook in life and I’m excited for what the future has in store. I love cooking bright colorful vegetarian meals and frolicking in the sunshine as much as I can. 

You mentioned that you’re a muse for yourself – truly an act of self-love! How did you find power and inspiration within yourself?

I find inspiration and power in myself when I think of my ancestors and all of the love & guidance that surrounds me. When I think of the dreams, prayers & visions that formed my present being, I remember the bigger picture that I’m a part of. I look a lot like my grandmother and when I see her features in mine it makes me feel very powerful & beautiful. When I use myself as a muse in my art, I feel like I’m bringing various forms of self to life. I notice that I personify these characters as beings of their own, but I see my own essence within them all.

How do you navigate relationships with others – whether it is your closest friends or a romantic relationship? 

My personal relationships are very important to me. I have a big heart & I’m extremely passionate & dedicated to the people in my life. I love loving, and making others happy. 

They say the people you surround yourself with reflect who you want to be, what kind of people do you like to surround yourself with? What energies in people do you look for?

I enjoy surrounding myself with people who inspire me to see the world in a new way. I’m drawn to energies that are ambitious and passionate about life. My best friends & I are like-minded, but we’re also so different & balance each other out well. I love that the people in my life are evolving and striving to be better. I’m intrigued by transformation and rebirth, so stagnant relationships are a no-no for me.  I’m grateful to have supportive friends who really push me to see the best in myself, and to give 110% percent. 

Everyone has had times in their lives that they may not have felt the best about themselves – did you ever struggle with that and what did that look like for you? 

I’ve definitely had times in my life where I’ve doubted myself or got stuck in a negative headspace. I feel like it’s healthy and human to have those moments, it’s about going with the ebb & flow- and what you make of it. There was a period of time where I stopped making art because I had trouble finding the beauty in my mind. Something in my perspective shifted and I wasn’t creating with my soul voice, I was looking at it from an outside perspective. Having that strong disconnect was something I had to work on healing within. Finding beauty & light in myself felt like falling in love again. I recognize that as we grow and see the world in new ways, our artwork and our language evolves too. It’s important to relearn various parts of self, and to accept & honor our process. I guess it was a moment of ‘growing pains’, and I’m grateful to love and trust my vision once more. I also give thanks for every bit of shadow self in-between.

We’re all unique in our own ways – how did you embrace your uniqueness? Beyond existing as yourself, what outlets do you like to express your unique identity through?

I feel like this year I’ve embraced my uniqueness more than ever. I feel more grounded within who and how I am, my personal evolution and the woman I’m becoming. I’ve grown more confident with using my voice & expressing the way I see the world. I have a very special relationship with the Universe & a lot of faith in my path. Finding magic in the little things, talking to flowers & birds, writing love letters to the sky, these are bits of me I’ve learned to celebrate everyday. Creating art reminds me of my individuality and the beauty I birth into this world. I like to express myself through my style, the colors I wear and the way I carry myself. I appreciate that social media can be a positive outlet for self expression. I’m grateful to share my vision and have a voice that resonates with others. 

What does your self-care routine look like? How do you maintain your own unique energy especially when certain facets of life can drain it? 

When I was a teenager, I started learning more about herbal apothecary & I began transitioning to an all-natural skincare routine. Mother earth provides so many magical healing plants and herbs, I feel like we don’t need excessive chemicals or coloring & fragrance within our daily products. I love supporting small business’ and trying out new products. Some of my favorites are African black soap, raw shea butter, and pure rose oil. I like using different oils and serums on my skin instead of heavy cremes or lotions. It’s important to build a healthy relationship with our bodies and to listen to it’s wants & needs. The way I nurture and love my body is very sacred to me. It’s my temple, my vessel, my home.

Is there anything you want to say to those who struggle to see themselves as their own muse? What advice would you give them in terms of reclaiming their power? 

Affirmations are very important to me. When I feel low or out of touch with my power, I like to speak goodness into myself. Either aloud or in my head; I say various affirmations that come to mind. ‘You are beautiful. You are loved. You are so strong and so very powerful. You’re healing so wonderfully & I’m proud of you.’ 

Even if I don’t feel it that day, the words help a lot and hearing it brings it into existence. If I’m having a bad breakout or feel insecure, I say the opposite of what I’m thinking. Like instead of ‘Damn my skin is so messed up.’ I’ll stop myself and say ‘My skin is healing everyday, and I take wonderful care of my body.’ It makes me feel better, and I feel like it reprograms every little atom & cell to hear it too. Little acts of mindfulness goes such a long way. 

When do you feel most empowered?

I feel most empowered when I’m helping others. I love making a difference and bringing more light into this dimension. Even something small and simple like smiling at a stranger, can make such a big impact, a ripple in the universe. 

Which of your physical attributes do you love the most?

My favorite physical attributes are my big brown eyes & my brown skin. Once I looked at the moon and asked to hold her light and I feel like my eyes sparkled brighter ever since. I love the way the sun melts into my melanin, honey and gold.

Lee is wearing the Parker Bra and High Waist Thong in Black. Photography by Jacqueline Ashton

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