MARY YOUNG was founded in 2014 by none other than Mary Young, who wanted to fill the gap in the intimates market and empower women with different body types. While doing her fourth-year fashion thesis in university, she noticed a gap in the market for comfortable lingerie with minimal designs that can be worn for every occasion. She then set out to design a small collection of lingerie with no underwire, padding or reshaping aspects — focusing on the natural woman's body and celebrating every curve. And that’s exactly what she did. After presenting the collection and receiving positive feedback from peers and the industry, she decided to turn her idea into a business, and MARY YOUNG was born.

Now, we offer lifestyle lingerie and lounge pieces — think the traditional 'to wear for your partner' designs blended with everyday, ‘boring’, functional underwear. Every garment is designed with comfort in mind with the use of rayon from organic bamboo material, soft mesh and custom elastics to encourage appreciation of the natural shape. Our garments are designed to fit seamlessly into your wardrobe giving you confidence from the top of the morning throughout the day into your evening. To bring the conversation from URL to IRL, we launched the Self Love Club to open up the dialogue within our community to focus on self love and acceptance. Learn more here!

We have one mission: to create ethically made garments that are comfortable for you and only you. Ditch the underwire and try one of our soft cup bras.

MARY YOUNG is on a mission to ignite 
moments of self-love and acceptance

When we say the world, we
really do mean everyone


shape | age | gender | ethnicity


All our products are ethically-made, and we’re serious about it.

Each fabric we choose is beneficial to you, giving you the right amount of versatility and durability. Our main fabric is a rayon of organic bamboo knit sourced from China. The rayon from bamboo fabric is OEKO-TEX® certified and has passed UV testing. To reduce our carbon footprint, none of our fabrics include chlorine bleach or dyes that release carcinogenic amine compounds and the use of synthetic sizing agents are prohibited during the knitting and weaving process to avoid waste. Each garment is also great for wicking, so it doesn’t trap moisture and is breathable in every season.

All the garments are produced in Montreal, Canada, in a factory where equal wages and conditions are being met. After graduating, Mary noticed most Canadian-based companies had moved out of the country and were mass-produced. While working on the production of MARY YOUNG, she made it a priority to work with a team in the country and invest back into the economy. When she found the factory we now produce all our garments at, it was a perfect match. Now, Mary visits the factory a couple of times a year to ensure things are running smoothly and to check in with the team. We believe the humans who make our garments are just as important as those who wear them.

Our goal is to inspire and empower you to feel comfortable in your natural shape. We want you to relate to our products and see yourself in MARY YOUNG. Because you deserve all the love in the world.