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Article: A gift from us to you from Chelsea

A gift from us to you from Chelsea

Chelsea is a digital artist from Edmonton, Alberta. Her work is calm, serene and the messages she sends through her art really hits your soul. 

Chelsea, we are thrilled to have you featured this month. Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself? 

My pleasure 💫 hello ! & thank u ! I am so humbled to be featured this month and looking forward to sharing some comforting messages of support for those in need. expressing myself creatively has always been a great source of power and release and I’m deeply grateful to have the opportunity to share that with others. It's only recently that I've started practicing digital design but it’s a creative outlet that brings me so much joy .. + hopefully others ! 

Could you tell us a little bit about your approach and work? 

I find inspiration by what I believe the collective would benefit from in order to progress towards creating a culture of care and community. My work is all about self and community care. How can we make earth a better place for everyone ? How can we live authentically ourselves ? it’s a cosmic mix of astrology, mental health and social justice

What about these particular pieces? How do you want people to feel when they observe them?

I hope they act as reminders that support comes in many forms and it’s about exploring + figuring out what works best for you. The colors I’m drawn to and usually use in my work are always bright and vibrant. i hope the gradients feel comforting, energizing, and people feel a sense of healing when they’re taking them in ✨ 

Our intention this month is “Support”. What are your thoughts on that and how is it reflected in this work?

I think support is absolutely necessary to survive in this world. in these pieces I’ve represented what I believe to be “the big 3” - self, community, + spiritual. it begins from within, I believe your biggest cheerleader and advocate should always be yourself (you can’t pour from an empty cup !) then support from others (you don’t need to do life alone) + spiritual (the universe has your back.. always) 🌝 

How do you embody or what do you do that makes you feel supported?

Kindness is the key. I think we can all use more grace and understanding towards each other. we’re all on this earth together and I hope through empathy + action I can leave it a better place. i always feel most supported when I am deeply connected with self and community 🦋  

We’re always curious about what people are listening to. What’s your go-to right now or in general? 

Speaking of support.. one of my favorite types ! currently on the rotation: SZA, Omar Apollo, Steve Lacy, Smino, Duckwrth, Beyoncé, Little Simz, Doechii, Brockhampton, Shygirl 🪩

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