MARY YOUNG was founded in 2014 by none other than Mary Young, who wanted to fill the gap in the intimates market and empower women with different body types.

From the start of the company in 2014, sustainability was a core foundation. We noticed most Canadian-based companies had moved out of the country, were mass-produced and fell more into a fast-fashion category. We wanted to change that mindset and focus on what we can produce within Canada with quality, environmentally safe materials. We set off with a mission that we carry throughout this day — to create ethically made garments that are comfortable for you and your unique self. 

Sample fabrics from SS2019

The main fabric we use throughout our product is a rayon of bamboo. The rayon from bamboo fabric is OEKO-TEX certified and has passed UV testing — meaning the fabric is sustainably produced and has been tested and is free from any harmful substances. To reduce our carbon footprint, this fabric does not include chlorine bleach or dyes that release carcinogenic amine compounds and the use of synthetic sizing agents are prohibited during the knitting and weaving process to avoid waste.

Production update May 2020

All the garments are produced in Montreal, Canada, in a factory where equal wages and conditions are being met. While working on the production of MARY YOUNG, we made it a priority to work with a team in the country and invest back into the economy. When we found the factory we now produce all our garments at, it was a perfect match. We continue to visit the factory a couple of times a year to ensure things are running smoothly and to check in with the team. We believe the humans who make our garments are just as important as those who wear them.

All orders are packed and shipped from Montreal, Canada by hand. We do not poly bag individual garments after production and ship directly to customers without the use of poly bags — this was a big focus to eliminate any use of single-use plastics. The tissue wrapping we use is compostable and accepted at the majority of compost facilitates, or can be home composted. The inserts added to each package are recyclable and the mailers used are made from 100% recycled material, 50% post-consumer waste, and is fully recyclable as well as reusable as it has a second adhesive strip. If an order requires a box to ship in, we use a cardboard, non-filmed box and add packing peanuts that are fully dissolvable in water. 

In our natural forms
Wrapped by comfort and purpose
Empowering me

(a MARY YOUNG haiku)