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Article: a gift from us to you from Chelsea

a gift from us to you from Chelsea

Please welcome back to the self love club, Chelsea! You may remember her from December’s tech art and she’s back with more! 

Mary: I’m really, really excited because you and I have been chatting over Instagram and email for quite some time now. So it feels like this has been a long time coming and now we're here together and we get to know each other a little bit more. Our community gets to know you, which they already have been introduced to you because you’ve already done some tech art for us a couple months ago. 

Chelsea: Yes, I was so excited to do that when you approached me. I was like, this is a good fit. I think this is wonderful. I love what you guys are all about, women empowerment and everything. Yes, so yeah, I was happy to do it. And I hope whoever took a peek at it really enjoyed it and it made their day a little bit better.

Mary: I know for me, when it comes to creativity, I can’t just sit down and produce creative results. What is your creative process like? 

Chelsea: Yeah, absolutely, No, it’s definitely not that. I can’t, you know, schedule it into my day. That doesn’t work for me. So it’s very much, you know, spur of the moment. I get maybe some sort of download that I think, you know, maybe the community needs to hear or it's something that I’m going through or something that someone that I come across is going through. That message can be, you know, related to everyone else and hopefully that they can resonate with it as well.

Mary: Oh I love that. I think finding the ability to slow down and just almost be present in your surroundings, your emotions and even just use your intuition to see what’s happening around you can really inspire so much.

What was the biggest surprise in this journey of exploring graphic design? Did you learn something new about yourself, whether it’s maybe your self-determination and commitment to sticking to it? 

Chelsea: Oh, absolutely. Yeah because I’m definitely one to, you know, pick up a task 0r start something and then, I find something else that I really enjoy. So I kind of just leave it and go to the next thing. So I think I’m definitely proud of myself for really taking each day and trying to learn at least something new about graphic design and just to be patient with myself too, you know. 

Mary: Our monthly intention for May is Flourish, which when we first were talking about this, I was like, what does flourish even mean? I’ve been digging around and trying to understand it a bit more. When you think about flourish or flourishing in relation to yourself or even your art, what does it look like to you? 

Chelsea: Flourish, I think, to me my instinct is growth when I think of flourish. So, I think the way I try and grow in my artwork is just to learn something new, you know, the smallest of things, it’s still learning something new. And I take that into my personal life as well, you know. As long as I’m constantly growing and evolving and learning, I think that's what I’m kind of here on Earth to do. 

Mary: I love that. I think that’s true. It is a consistent journey and it is something that when it is yourself, it is what you want to be working on. You want to be able to see. It doesn’t have to be huge. It doesn’t have to be a new career or moving to a new city or a relationship. It can truly be that inner work that maybe not what everyone else sees, but you can feel that change. 

To get to know Chelsea more listen to our full conversation on the self love club podcast.

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