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Article: December: Support

December: Support

We hear it time and time again, and sometimes through the seemingly hours of doom scrolling many of us are feeling profoundly isolated. We aren’t seeing each other at work, social time seems very structured and even upcoming holiday family time can be stressful. Especially during times of crisis and vulnerability, we need social connections to help carry us through it.

The types of social support in our lives can change from day to day and can come from a variety of sources. Identifying the different types of support can broaden how we think about our socialization and may help us to realize we have more opportunities for connectedness than we thought.

There are many ways to get support and your network may be broader than you realized. Mindfully recognizing the support you have will not only be beneficial to you, but you also may find that it helps you to offer support to someone else.This December we’re going to explore all the ways — and hopefully will make you feel warm and fuzzy — just in time for the holidays

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