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Article: June Intention: Speak Up

June Intention: Speak Up

Ahem, ahem, can you hear me? 

Have you ever said or thought that when in a room with others? Well I have, and in all honesty far too many times than I’d like to admit. Whether we’re with a group of people or one on one in an uncomfortable conversation, it’s easy and actually, natural, to lose your voice. Maybe not literally unless you’re fighting a cold, but figuratively speaking and in turn your responses aren’t aligned with what you are truly thinking and wanting to say.

This month we are focusing on how to speak up! Sounds fun right? Well, it will be but it will also be challenging. And I can say this with confidence because I’ve been working on speaking up for years and finally feel like I have enough perspective and hopefully wisdom, to share with you the importance of speaking up and how to feel more confident in doing so. 

Whether it’s speaking up for yourself at work, because yes a lunch break should be taken away from your keyboard and not spend multitasking. Or advocating for your health when trying to find answers to new symptoms or a condition you know personally. I’ve been there and want us all to move through those uncomfortable ‘umms’ and ‘hmms’ to be able to confidently say exactly what we mean when we want to say it. 

This month I want to hear from you – yes, this is the first piece of homework, is to speak up and send me a voice message and ask a question or share a story about speaking up! Click here to leave a voice message for me (Mary, duh) and listen to each week’s episode as I will share and respond to them.

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