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Article: Letter to a Loved One: Emily

Letter to a Loved One: Emily

Dear Dad, 

The last time I held your hand feels like an eternity ago, but the last time we spoke feels like yesterday. I can still remember exactly what your voice sounded like. I miss listening to voicemails from you. 

Can you believe I’m getting married this year? Everyone is very excited. I am too, but I wish so badly that you could walk me down the aisle with Mom. I wish I could dance with you. 

Whenever I see certain birds, whenever I find a dime on the ground, I think of you. But it’s music that reminds me of you most of all...especially Motown and the song ‘Above The Treetops’.  I imagine you cooking in our old house, or driving together with the windows down on a summer evening. I miss listening to Finkelman’s 45s with you. 

You would be so proud of Mom and Cady if you were here. I know you can see them, but I just have to tell you. We will continue to make you proud and will continue telling everyone how proud we are that you were ours.

Miss you. Love you. 



Thank you to Emily Palley-Samson for sharing and being a part of opening up the conversation around grief. If you would like to share a letter please email

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