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Article: March: Strength

March: Strength

2022 — wut up. We’ve come into this year GROWN. Whether you like it or not, the last couple years have tested us. As we’ve risen to meet these challenges, we’ve learned how essential strength is to our health and survival, our connections and communities, and our confidence and well-being.

More than ever, we need qualities like grit, resilience, and drive, as well as physical power and stamina. And according to our spiritual lord and saviour, Gwyneth — jk. But this Goop article suggests that our “bodies” are actually made up of four distinct parts—physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. What I have taken from this article, combined with some solid sports research, is that finding the balance between these four pillars is the way to go, and having one, can help build the others. 

This month we’re exploring the duality of strength. After all, if March teaches us anything it's that we need some strength to push us through until spring. 

Evidence from psychology studies has been accumulating for some time that having the physical skills to get out of sticky situations makes a big difference to how mentally capable and emotionally resilient we feel as we battle our way through life. Becoming a master of your body, in other words, might help you become a master of your mind.

But what about when things don’t go according to plan and the universe throws a wrench in your plans? We’re looking at curve-balls as well. We want to be better equipped to expect and handle twists, turns and unexpected drops. Join us this March as we attempt to get stronger, together.

Week 1: Let's Get Physical

Week 2: Minds Matter

Week 3: Emotional Strength

Week 4: Strength in the Unknown



Close your eyes for a moment and take a few deep breaths. Check-in with yourself: how are you feeling mentally? And emotionally? What about your body? See if you can notice any mental or physical tension or sensations.

When you’re ready, open your eyes. You might notice you feel different after that brief exercise. Perhaps you feel more relaxed or energized. If so, you’ve experienced the mind-body-soul connection.

While it might sound New-Agey, there’s solid science behind the concept. Taking care of your mind, body, and soul can help you find greater balance and well-being in all areas of your life.

This past month we’ve explored ways to strengthen your mind through meditation, sleep or learning something new. 

We’ve also explored strengthening your body through exercise, eating well, and practicing yoga.

Finally we’ve looked at ways that are good for the soul. Things like gratitude, spending time in nature or connecting with others as well and self-compassion (hi, mirror work!).

The mind-body-soul connection is a shortcut to strengthening the happiest, healthiest, most vibrant version of you. Having a healthy mind, body, and soul can change the way you feel and impact the way you show up every day. Over time, this creates a ripple effect throughout your life. We can’t wait to hear how it’s been going for you. 

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