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Article: Meet Our Muse: Giulia

Meet Our Muse: Giulia

Meet Giula – this young creative explores sexuality by creating a safe space with those around her and creating collages that combine the female form with the lines of architecture.

To get started, can you tell us who you are in a sentence or two?

My name is Giulia, or most people know me by scientwehst! I work full time in PR/Social Media and but on the side I like to create archi-sexual collages and model. My favorite flavor is truffle and I can’t sleep without a fan.

You’re an artist based in Brooklyn, how would you describe your practice for those who are new to it?

I would say my practice is e-collaging. I take pornographic images of women and overlay pictures of architecture. 

I'm sure you have days where you feel less than inspired, how do you get through those days or even weeks?

I try not to force the creative process. I let it come and go as it pleases. But, usually a self care day will help with self esteem, which definitely affects my inspiration.

Sexuality is something that your comfortable sharing online – specifically through your art. For some people sex is a difficult subject to approach – how did you become more comfortable sharing about sex and empowerment?

I surrounded myself around people who were fascinated with sex and sexuality. So, I looked for a safe space to explore which led me to feel more comfortable to talk about these topics.

What does your ideal ‘day-off’ look like?

Beach, a soft nap after and a cozy dinner with friends.

When do you feel most empowered?

Whenever I create or work on a project that I feel proud and confident in.

Which of your physical attributes do you love the most?

I would say my curves. Its taken me a long time to appreciate my curviness and I finally feel comfortable with my body.

Giulia is wearing the Emery Bra and Emery Thong in Sky Blue. Photography by Jacqueline Ashton

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