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Article: Meet Our Muse: Michelle

Meet Our Muse: Michelle

Meet Michelle. An advocate for self-care beyond the fluff of eye masks and bubble baths, Michelle explores self-care and self-love with her podcast and personal journey.

Self-care is a huge part of your life, which we can hear on Lemon Water and see on your social media. How has self-care evolved for your over the past 5 years with it becoming such a prominent focus in conversation these days?

I keep telling people that the term “self-care” has actually only become a buzzword and has been taken more seriously as a practice as of recent. I think for me it was a wakeup call I had just over a year ago when I had this terrible outbreak of ‘adult hormonal acne', I think a lot of people around my age can say that at some point they are faced with this ‘health’ wake up call where our body is trying to communicate something to us. This can also look different to a lot of people, there's always that cliche of someone in a face mask and a bathrobe #selfcare I think over the past 5 years it has turned into both a practice and a ritual that I take very seriously. Yes, I’m still that self-proclaimed face mask queen and skin care goodness (self-proclaimed I EMPHASIZE) but self-care to me is also about taking care of myself both mentally and physically, being aware of my surroundings and how my body is feeling and what it’s telling me I need.

You've shared how a lot of your understanding of self-love was instilled from your mother early on in your life. What advice would you give to those who didn't have such positive examples growing up?

People are so hard on themselves, myself included. My advice would be to know that everyone has good and bad days. On your bad days just remember you always need to be you're #1 fan, yes its cheesy but it means so much. I think that everyone needs to be a little kinder to themselves. Self-love and Self-care go hand in hand, if that means practicing more self-care then do it!

What are some practices that you think everyone should try to incorporate into their self-care routine? 

Routine in general. PEOPLE NEED ROUTINES, I cannot stress enough how important it is for us to all have routines every day even if it’s just one. For me, my favorite routine is waking up, stretching, making my bed, going to the bathroom starting my morning skincare routine, going downstairs drinking a herbal infusion followed by drinking my greens, and making my coffee. To some that can sound so extra, like “why does she need so many liquids?" but that gets me going every single day it brings me joy knowing that I’m setting the tone for the day, it’s like a little agreement I have with my body like “hey! I’m taking such good care of you today, so you better do the same” lol sorry for that anecdote but I guess what I’m trying to say is step 1: get a routine step 2: love yourself 3. drink more water :) 

What does your best self-care week look like? 

Honestly, if I could just be present at the moment for an entire week I think for me would be the best self-care week. 

When you are having off days or are struggling with self-care what do you do to pull yourself out of that slump?

I usually don't try to pull myself out that day. I let myself take the day to "slump it out". I welcome every day with new opportunities, that being said I just push myself the next day.  

When do you feel most empowered?

When I'm recording a podcast or working out. Conversation with like-minded individuals and training my body is when I feel most empowered.

Which of your physical attributes do you love the most?

I am most thankful for my feet, hands, eyes, and mouth because they let me move, create, see and communicate. I love my clavicles, my calves, my Cindy Crawford birthmark and my nose!!!! 

Michelle wears the Contrast Bra and Lux High Waist in Grey. Photography - Hanna Kim / @haehanna

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