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Article: Monday Must: Living More Sustainably

Monday Must: Living More Sustainably

Hi! My name is Holly Parrott. I am a fashion student who is trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle in the ways that I shop and in my day to day life. I grew up with a mom who practices a very sustainable lifestyle too. She taught me from a young age to compost, reuse items and find multi purposes for items. 

I want to share what I’ve learned throughout the years, and what's helped me to lower my carbon footprint. I think it’s important to look after the planet as climate change is getting worse as the years go on. 


I ditched the paper towels, and switched to using rags! They soak up a lot more, and can be reused numerous times. This reduces overall costs, packaging/ paper waste overall 

Reusable bowl covers

Instead of plastic wrap (that can’t be composted) I switched to fabric and beeswax bowl covers. They are super easy to clean and mold to a container easily


I have learned to use things more than once and in different ways than intended. For example; I will save cardstock from packaging, and repurpose it as a bookmark by adding my own designs to it. It’s a fun way to be creative. My favourite DIY was taking broken glass from a mirror and gluing it onto a plain pair of shoes! 

Mend what’s broken 

Whether it’s a hole, rip or a button that has fallen off, mend it! A little tear doesn’t mean something can’t be worn, it just needs a little TLC. I learned to sew at a very young age, and have continued on the skills with me. Plus, adding a fun patch, thread contrast or a new button makes the piece uniquely your own, and one of a kind! 

Buy in bulk 

I have chosen to buy in bulk. Zero waste shops and Bulkbarn have been a huge help! I will save old jars and containers to fill up with soaps and dry goods. This also reduces packaging!

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