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Article: Monday Musts to Creating A Healthier Relationship with Movement

Monday Musts to Creating A Healthier Relationship with Movement

Heyo! My name is Andrea (she/her) and I’m the founder and creator of the online on-demand movement platform called A Few Fun Moves. I originally started AFFM as a means to hold myself accountable to healing my relationship with exercise, and dreamed of inspiring others to join me along the way. Based out of Vancouver BC, I love getting a variety of Fun Moves in like riding my bike, hiking, walking, horseback riding, baking, and eating tasty things.
Everyone deserves to move their bodies in any way that gets them feeling good, and having fun - all styles, intensities, and length of movement deserves to be celebrated 💜

Find a movement community (like AFFM) that focuses on moving to feel good, not for aesthetic reason

There are so many other reasons to exercise and move our bodies that are completely unrelated to how we look. Sleeping better, increased energy levels, stress reduction, injury prevention, and having fun are my personal favourites.

Unfollow any fitness accounts on social media that don’t align with your current movement values

Find yourself triggered by the toxic messaging of an online personality? Immediately unfollow them and focus on building a social media community that leaves you feeling inspired.

Mix it up!

Play around with mixing up intensities, workout lengths, and styles. Every day, week, month, or year can look different, and that’s OK. Variety can be a great way to create a balanced movement routine.

Take the time to find out how you, and your body enjoy moving. Be patient.

Try taking a mental note, or even starting a movement journal writing down how a type of workout, activity, or movement left you feeling. Energized? Calm? Happy? Strong? Frustrated? Fatigued? Noting these feelings can be a great way to works towards a more intuitive movement practice. Paying extra attention to the movements that keep you wanting to come back for more.

Remember to have fun with it!

The traditional mindset that your movement routine only counts if it’s an hour long, and gets you dripping sweat is out. Moving your body for yourself, when and how it feels right to at whatever pace you want is in.
You can try out moving with Andrea and the A Few Fun Moves community with her free 7-day trial @ and be sure to follow her on Instagram and Tik Tok @afewfunmoves  

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