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Article: Monday Must: Ask an Expert: Andrea Barber

Monday Must: Ask an Expert: Andrea Barber

This week we're thrilled to have Andrea as our expert. Andrea is the founder and creator of the online, on-demand movement platform called A Few Fun Moves. Andrea and the AFFM community are on a mission to get more people movies their bodies for themselves, when and how it feels right for them. She's a certified ACE personal trainer and has an associate's degree in Exercise Science. We love hearing her answers that really challenge the "fitness industry".

What are your tips for staying motivated with exercise?

Find out your personal why for exercising and moving your body. More often than not when our motivation is wrapped up in extrinsic motivation (to earn a reward or avoid punishment) it can be something that isn’t aligned with your core values. Which means it won’t be something we will truly value in the long term. Ask yourself why you want to exercise? Is it to feel strong mentally and physically? To be social? To get out of your head and into your body? Maybe it’s to try new things or meet new people. Let those answers become your intrinsic motivation (to perform an activity for your own sake and personal reward) for moving your body how you want to.

What a trendy habit you wish people didn’t do?

Feeling like you have to participate in some kind of “trending” fitness/movement trend just because it’s all the “rage” or because people in your life are doing it, and love doing it. Your movement practice can look however you like, and can be whatever activity leaves you feeling good, and having fun. Also, fad diets can GTFO.

Is there space for those who deal with chronic pain? If so, how are we considered?

Chronic pain is something I know all too well, and can be something that leaves me feeling like my body isn’t “good enough” or performing at a level that I feel like it *should* be. Working with your healthcare providers and becoming mindful of how certain types of movement practices leave you feeling is a great place to start. Secondly, finding a community of people like A Few Fun Moves who encourage moving at your own pace, when and how it feels right to you THAT day. Your movement practice can and will change in style, length, intensity, and frequency depending on the day, week, month, year or even decade - and that's okay. Don’t worry about what your movement routine used to look like or how you think it should look based on those around you. Focus on what your body and mind have the capacity for that day

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