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Article: Monday Must: Ask An Expert: Lily Harris

Monday Must: Ask An Expert: Lily Harris

Lily Harris is a Holistic Health Practitioner & Healthy Recipe Developer. Her goal is to create clarity within the conflicted wellness world & build confidence in the capability of our own bodies. We are so thrilled to have Lily featured this week. She answered (so many!) questions from our community around easy health hacks & mindset surrounding health.

How would you approach thoughtful weight loss? F diet culture, but sometimes the body needs a little help with a peaceful return after stress/trauma gain.

I believe in sustainable weight loss through food & lifestyle shifts. Consistency is key & extremes won't last. Try flipping your perspective to acknowledge how much invisible work your body is doing behind the scenes to keep you going & explore health & weight loss as privilege. You'll be learning a new language, so stay open minded & do your homework like cooking from home & moving your body. We're here! Learning how to feel our best is truly a privilege, so why not make it fun?

What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting? Do you believe we should be fueling our bodies every 3-4 hours?

I want you to be metabolically healthy enough to eat 3 meals per day. Intermittent fasting can be a great option for losing weight as a man, but can be hard on women with menstrual cycles. Think of it as a short term option if you're trying it, but not one that I would turn to first for clients. It can add more stress to the body, which I don't love.

Tips for hormone balancing and good sources of vegetarian protein, are shakes good?

Hormone balance is something that I work with clients on individually as everybody is different, so please reach out if you'd like personalized help! For vegetarian protein sources I love chia seeds & hemp hearts. I love a balanced smoothie!

Any tips for a hormonal birth control-free woman looking to balance hormones naturally would be super appreciated!

Hormone balance is so individualized & I cover this topic with clients all the time on a case by case basis. Think simple first...whole foods, sleep, hydration, moving your body. There is herbal support & other techniques beyond that, but it depends on your hormone levels, symptoms, & lifestyle. Similarly to how we don't love doctors prescribing blanket birth control across the board, I wouldn't want to prescribe blanket hormone balancing options either.

What vitamins / supplements you swear by?!

Lily: I'm a believer in food & lifestyle first! Most people don't need pricey supplements, but they can help with certain symptoms & imbalances. I do love multivitamins & probiotics with traceable ingredients. Ultimately, there is no magic pill. Consistency is where the magic happens.

Best way to add veggies to smoothies?

Just add veggies! I love spinach personally, but carrots paired with warming spices like cinnamon & clove are delicious in smoothies. Experiment & see...I want you to get creative & curious in the kitchen. That's what's fun!

Help dealing with sugar cravings! Can’t give it up completely, how do I get in moderation with sugar?

For many people moderation won't flip the switch unfortunately. Think about removing it from your house & replacing it with lower-glycemic sweeteners filled with nutrients like raw local honey or dates. I do love dark chocolate as a healthier sweet option, but rebuilding your relationship with sugar might be easier if you remove it for a while. Blood sugar balance helps too & I can help you with that!

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