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Article: Monday Must: Being Intentional Through Vintage

Monday Must: Being Intentional Through Vintage


Hi my name is Ashlyn, I am the owner of the 365 studio that specializes in vintage home decor and furniture. I am extremely passionate about vintage design throughout the ages and how one can incorporate these designs into a modern home. This company found its roots at the start of the pandemic and focuses on providing high quality furniture and decor. We currently have a studio location located in Corktown in Toronto. Although 365 studio focuses primarily on curating  furniture pieces, we are currently working on our very own vintage-inspired in house collection.

We live in a day and age where the internet and social media gives us access to an abundance of information. Thus providing the world with many trends and fad lifestyle choices that can come and go just as quick as they appear. I started The 365 Studio to showcase vintage and how it is here to stay among all the trends.  In a world that favours fast paced environments, you can slow down with vintage.


Since I specialize in vintage marble and stones, it’s good to note that most stones have a durability of 100 years or more. A lot of vintage tables were hand carved with imported stones from Italy. With proper maintenance, your stone table can last several lifetimes. Remember, your stone tables should be resealed every year and coasters will always be your best friend! If you have a spill, clean it up right away. Sealer doesn’t prevent damage but buys time before the acidity eats through the sealer. This may sound like a lot of upkeep, but it’s completely worth it when your vintage is one of a kind.

Long term investment 

Vintage homewares can be expensive, but you don’t need to buy them now. I encourage those who are looking for new furniture, to save and be patient when curating your home. We often feel rushed when home shopping because we want it to be full and complete. Although it’s exciting and easy to shop til you drop, keep your purchases intentional. You want your new finds to last you a long time and to tell a story. Your home is your sanctuary and your headquarters for comfort. Instead of buying a new sofa twice in 10 years, buy 1 that lasts those 10 years or more.

Providing a second chance

I run into a lot of vintage fixtures that look like they could easily be thrown out, but let’s not give up on them yet. All they need is a little TLC. The process of reviving an old item brings me so much joy. It really allows me to appreciate the art form so much more by pouring my love into the project. Saving a hopeless piece from the landfill is rewarding and fulfilling when it’s rehomed. I love educating my clients by explaining the process of refinishing. 

The world is your oyster

Anyone can love and have vintage at home! It doesn’t mean your entire home needs to be straight out of 80s Miami. Don’t be shy to incorporate your favourite time periods into your current decor. Go to your local thrift stores and antique markets and see if you find something small that you love. Vintage decor doesn’t need to be black and white. It’s accessible for anyone, whether you’re a minimalist or maximalist, or have a different vintage style than I do. I think that’s what makes it so special. We can all incorporate vintage in so many different ways and there is no right or wrong way. Vintage is unique and exciting because even if you don’t want your vintage item anymore, you can pass off your story to someone else. 

New is inspired by old

When taking a look at home furnishings today, you will see most designs are inspired by the 20th century. We also tend to see direct reproductions because of the timeless aesthetics vintage provides us. Vintage influence has become a staple in many homes due to its juxtaposition of versatility and its eye-catching statement. Vintage is something that you don’t see everyday when walking into the most popular furniture stores. It’s a beautiful way to keep your home classic, yet have character that reflects and shows a little bit of you. 

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