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Article: Monday Must: Finding time to Re:Set amidst the chaos

Monday Must: Finding time to Re:Set amidst the chaos

Hi, my name is Aakanksha and I’m the founder of Re:Setwe're one of the world's only few news publications that do daily original reporting around mental health, gender, politics, pop culture and the intersection of these subjects and provide free well-being resources.

As a recent entrepreneur, I’ve learned the hard way the importance of taking a step back and simply being. I’ve had to work very hard at finding pockets of time where I don’t feel the urge to be constantly productive. When I’m able to take time out for my own well-being, I find it makes me a better boss, colleague and entrepreneur. It allows me time to focus on the big picture and let go of the small stuff.

Being with Baron

Baron, my 3-year-old weimaraner, is the sweetest part of my life. He’s all joy, has such a strong personality and never fails to cheer me up. He also reminds me to stay in the present moment. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, just a few minutes with Baron is enough to make me feel more relaxed. 

Finding my tribe

It’s so important for me to spend time with friends who are supportive through it all. This allows us to be each other’s sounding board, give each other a reality check when needed and learn from our respective journeys. Never underestimate a good girl’s night out especially after a long day!


I love love love yoga! It’s been a long journey in learning to embrace it, but now my week feels incomplete if I don’t do yoga at least three times a week. It’s also uninterrupted me-time and allows me to focus on my physical and mental well-being. 


I make it a point to write down my successes and my challenges. It not only offers me perspective seeing it all laid out in front of me, but it allows me to look back and see how far I’ve come and gives me motivation to keep going.


I like to plan my long-term and short-term tasks because it gives me the sense of being more in control of my schedule, my to-do list and I’m able to see which days are more busy than the rest and rejig things if needed. One tip that works really well for me is to try and club Zoom calls during one part of the day or on a particular day because it allows me to get into that focused mindset and frees up a lot of the other days to focus on other things.

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