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Article: Monday Must: Mindfully Slowing Down

Monday Must: Mindfully Slowing Down

Hi my name is JLynn Rossy, I am a Registered Massage Therapist and a Registered  Yoga Teacher with a passion for women's health and wellness. After running my therapeutic practice for 18 years and facilitating relaxation and body awareness  experiences I have now like many others moved into the virtual business space. The  Stress Less Club membership for women will be up and running this fall 2021 which will allow me to provide regular support to women on their stress less journeys.

Chronic stress is at an all time high due to the pandemic, shifts in the workplace and  lack of regular self care. These musts to slow down and create self awareness through  mindfulness are critical pieces to reducing stress and living a balanced lifestyle. 


Mental overwhelm happens when our minds are too busy and we haven’t taken  the time to disconnect from our environmental stressors and or digital devices.  Using journaling as a way to release thoughts and create awareness gives you  the chance to more completely connect with what you think. Since we can’t think  faster than we can write this is a must to slow down and declutter the mind.


The breath is a powerful thing in the human body as it is literally what gives you  your life force. Creating an awareness of how you breath and the qualities of your  breath (think depth and rate) promotes internal reflection. To optimally succeed  at this one should pause, close the eyes (provided it is safe to do so) and  become an observer to their breathing process. If you have a rapid breathing rate  like when running or your breath is too shallow you can’t benefit from the full  relaxation potential of this slowing down must. 


When life feels so busy or the mind feels too crowded, taking in the great  outdoors is a must for me. Walking barefoot in the grass, swimming in a lake,  sitting by a campfire provides a sense of nurturing and grounding. To use  mindfulness outside, take a moment to notice how the grass feels between your  toes, what smell is in the air, what birds are singing, how your body feels when  immersed in water and what colours radiate within the flames of the fire. 


The power of sound has been noted since ancient times. Sound carries a specific  vibration and can elicit strong feelings of rejuvenation and inner peace. We as  humans are energy beings that benefit greatly from sound healing and sound  therapy. Using relaxation music or sounds when life is chaotic is a simple must to  calm your nervous system, calm your breath and relax tension in your body.

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