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Article: Monday Must: Musts to Living An Authentic Life

Monday Must: Musts to Living An Authentic Life

Hi, my name is Sarah Jane. I am a full time mum to an 11 month old babe called Sierra, and I am a yoga & movement specialist. I am currently settling into our new life in England, while navigating motherhood. 

I have never lived a conventional life, or done anything by the book. I have probably gone in a big squiggly line to get to straight-forward places. But for the most part I have always been me, and authentic to who I am. 

I have had many jobs and careers, both silly and serious and have always given them my all. I have moved countries for love, more than once, and still believe in love. So much so that I married my husband, after 4 months of meeting. Yes, we organised a wedding in 4 months. Then 3 years on, we had a baby and did it at home, during the pandemic. So now here I am navigating motherhood, while still trying to live a full and balanced life of my own. Here are my go to tools that I use to support myself to live an authentic life that is full of abundance and joy.  

Focus in 

There are so many special moments in a mundane day - blink and you’ll miss them. To really be in your body and out of your head is such a challenge with phones, work stress and distractions all around us. So it can be easy to miss the magic in one’s day. Zone in and focus in on your breath, so you can notice what you are really seeing, hearing and feeling. 

Breath tip: Take time in your day to set up your breathing, breathe fully into the front, sides and back of your torso, and down the length of your body right into your feet. Some use meditation, I use the morning feed with my daughter to get into my breath.

Get to know your body

When you know your body you know your boundaries. Get moving, touching and listening to what your body is saying. 

Movement tip: Explore your body by putting music on, and move your body in a way that's calling you. Whether it is dance, yoga or jogging.

 Don't be scared to create

It certainly doesn't need to be a masterpiece and creativity doesn't have to mean pen to paper. It can be gardening, cooking, sewing, or making your home beautiful. Tapping into your creativity helps develop your identity and discover your uniqueness. 

Creativity tip: Mandalas are fun to draw, and addictive to colour in. Also Halloween costumes are way better when you make them. 

Appreciate all the moments

Not another Gratefulness List I hear you say. But really, savour those magic moments, honour the highs and the lows, because life is all about the ebbs and flows. Use a journal, tell your partner at the end of the day, or Instagram it. 

Pick your pillars

Pillars are actions that bring you back to YOU. They are there for you when self doubt creeps in, or when others opinions get too loud. Think about what pillars you have in your life that bring you back to joy. Mine are Dance, Yoga and Nature.

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