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Article: Monday Must: My Self Love First Aid Kit

Monday Must: My Self Love First Aid Kit

Hello. My name is Virginia Wamuyu, a 20-year-old freelance writer. At the same time, I am still in university studying for a degree in nutrition. Writing has always been my thing since I was around 11 years old. Back then I just use to write English essays, but it has grown to a little bit more than that today. I have my lifestyle blog and I also get paid to do what I love.

Running a blog, studying and being a freelancer is not easy; episode one of season one of what no one told you about being an adult. All these “occupations” as I love to call them do put a lot of pressure on me. Sometimes I do get burnt out as a result of the workload. This causes me to fail on some of the things I engage in and my self-love levels go low.

As such, I created a self-love first aid kit that I run to whenever I`m low on self-love.

Gratitude Journal
Looking at my gratitude journal reminds me that I have already accomplished a lot. Okay, it may not be a lot, but I choose to look at it as a lot. It reminds me that whatever challenges I’m facing, I have the strength to overcome them.

Music Playlist
What is a self-love kit without a bomb playlist? I went on Spotify and put together songs that light me up into one playlist. I listen and dance along to them whenever I feel like I need that kind of motivation.
Videos of good moments
While I’m quite in a good mood, I take videos of myself doing silly things and laughing. Videos of myself with my friends as we hang out. At times when I feel low, I look at those videos and a feeling of happiness floods my heart as I watch them.

A Friend I Can Call
In my first aid kit, I also have the number of several friends I can call and talk to. Talk to about my woes, talk to about literally anything, from school life to boys and even adulthood.

Notes To Self
When I’m in a good headspace, I’ll pick several or make if I don’t have any, flashcards and write notes to myself. In these notes, I encourage myself and assure myself.

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