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Article: Monday Must: Protecting Your Energy

Monday Must: Protecting Your Energy

Hi my name is Sonja. I’m a certified Integrative Health Coach, Reiki and Tao Healer Practitioner from Toronto, ON. As a mental health survivor and advocate, I have made it my life's mission to help guide and empower others to take back control of their lives using an all-encompassing, holistic approach.

As social creatures in an forever advancing world, more and more people seemingly find themselves burnt out and energetically drained. As an empath and someone who works closely with clients, here are my “5 Musts” that I recommend for protecting your energy in order to nurture your overall wellbeing.

Creating Healthy & Purposeful Boundaries

Whether it’s declaring to yourself that you will not look at work emails after 7pm, or expressing your needs in a relationship- setting healthy boundaries with yourself and/or others is crucial to your wellbeing. This is a powerful tool in creating the foundation for how you want to be respected/treated by others, and nurtures the trust and care you innately have (and need) within yourself.

Take 5 Minutes of White Space

White space is intentional time dedicated to “disconnecting” from exterior forces to relax & reflect. We’re living in a time of constant overwhelm and busy schedules. Taking just a few minutes of white space can recharge and nourish the body’s energy systems, giving you a quick, replenishing break amidst your busy day.

Be Mindful of What You’re Consuming

Food is more than just what you eat (although this is also very important.) It’s what you watch, listen to, who you spend time with, what you read, how you spend your time and more. It’s important to ensure we are exposing ourselves to intentional, higher vibe “food” that fuels us in positive ways that uplifts our mind, body and spirit.

Remove Yourself From Lower Vibrational Situations

Have you found yourself stuck in the lunchroom with co-workers who are constantly gossiping or complaining? Take your lunch and go for a peaceful stroll outside. Are your parents watching the news that is highlighting the latest worldly catastrophes? Leave the room and play some fun music you can dance to. Kindly excusing yourself from being in the presence of negative/lower vibrational experiences and/or people is a big act of kindness to yourself and your energy. 

Take Some Deep Breaths

Sometimes permanently “escaping” a situation isn’t always doable. Excusing yourself to the restroom or somewhere private and taking 1 minute or even 10 deep breaths can help replenish your energy and calm the nervous system. Consider deep breaths like little love notes to your body that reassure safety and control within.

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