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Article: October: Nourish

October: Nourish

If you were asked the question, ‘How did you nourish yourself today?’ you might immediately first recall foods you ate throughout your day — meals, snacks and liquid nutrients.

The food we consume is only one form of nourishment. By definition, to nourish means to provide oneself with food necessary for growth, for life.

How we nourish the body, mind and spirit casts a wide net around daily self-care rituals.

Some of these include sleep, exercise, stress management, spirituality, relationships, pursuit of personal passions and career.

In the busy-ness of a day, a week or a semester, it is easy to compromise self-care beyond meals. This month we’re exploring just that and investing more in the act of nurturing ourselves consistently and discovering how good the body is designed to feel. We’re ready for a self care fall y’all.

Week 1: Eat Well

Week 2: Calm Your Mind

Week 3: Physical Nourishment

Week 4: Nourishment of Sleep

Week 5: Social Nourishment

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