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Article: September: Courage

September: Courage

Humans are the only beings that have the ability to display courage. Without our self-awareness, our courage couldn’t exist. We have the amazing ability to dread the future, the embarrassment of a failed series finale (ahem, GOT), the pain of dating someone emotionally unavailable who turns out to be emotionally unavailable. It’s only our knowledge of risk that begets our choice to face it.

Yet time and again, one of the best ways to combat fear is to approach these challenges is with courage. In fact, even when we see others facing greater obstacles than are presently in our own lives we often recognize the courage they mustered to persevere, to adapt and to pave the way for greater things. But many times we personally feel less courageous due to a limited belief about what courage really is. So this month we’re taking a look at four types of courage you’ll need to not only survive these trying times, but that will help you come out of them stronger, more productive and happier.

Week 1: Social Courage

Week 2: Moral Courage

Week 3: Creative Courage

Week 4: Developing Courage


We live in the age of anxiety. We hear about terrors every day. Climate change, wars — fear. It affects our ability to think, make decisions and take risks. Fear turns us into hollow functionaries and stops us from getting what we want from life. We desperately need courage.

Start by acknowledging what you're afraid of... your 'worst nightmare' then take a big deep breath and take action anyway. Now imagine yourself in the midst of that situation feeling strong and secure in yourself. How would you handle it? What would you learn about yourself in the process? Recognize that fear itself can’t hurt you unless you choose to let it hold you back from living authentically, speaking truthfully and doing what matters most for you.

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