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Article: Week 1: Perspective

Week 1: Perspective

We live in an interconnected world where not being able to see things in perspective can cause a multitude of issues. Because what we see or hear may not be what it really is. We have to know the context in which things happen. We have to understand the background in order to interpret things correctly. If we don’t understand perspective we tend to take things out of context, or fail to see things from the other side of the coin, and draw our own conclusions.

But still, why does it matter? We each have a uniquely valuable perspective on life—a lens through which we interpret our lives. Respecting the perspective or habits of others by offering them empathy is crucial for our development on both a personal and professional level. Through our perspective, we define what makes sense to us, which is differentiated from how others see and experience life. However, we don’t know what we don’t know, and perspective taking provides a powerful tool to expand our own perspective by learning from the way others see life.

Before seeking to have your perspective understood, seek first to understand that of the other person. Use your lens as a point of relatability to support another in their viewpoint, or to provide a unique perspective that may foster an expanded perspective for them.

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