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Article: Week 1: Write Yourself an Apology

Week 1: Write Yourself an Apology

Before we jump right into attempting to forgive ourselves, we need to determine what we want to forgive. This week, the challenge is to write yourself an apology. Type it out or grab a pen – whatever works for you. When we write an apology we’ll be acknowledging the things that make us feel negative feelings. It could be guilt, shame, anger, resentment, and more. Whatever it may be, this week give yourself the space to write down the things you’ve been holding onto. You might not forgive yourself right away, but it opens up the space to start forgiving yourself. 

Doing this will help you understand which areas of your life need more self compassion. No rush though, we’ll be exploring self-compassion next week and learning ways to apply it to our apology letters. 

Everyone learns differently - to help you get started we found some self apologies, here. Or get a step by step breakdown on how to write a forgiveness letter to yourself.

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