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Article: Week 2: The importance of mindful pauses

Week 2: The importance of mindful pauses

Even a perfect human cannot function endlessly. Sooner or later they’ll exhaust their performance potential and come to a crash. By pausing and giving ourselves some rest, we give our body and mind a chance to recharge so that we can keep moving and working.

Pausing helps you reevaluate priorities and adjust goals

When you’re busy pursuing your goals, it may seem unproductive to stop and think about priorities. But more often than not, we live life in such a rush that when we finally reach our goal, we’re already on to the next thing. Pressing pause at the right time gives us a chance to reevaluate our goals based on their current relevance and adjust our focus accordingly. As we are busy making our way towards a certain goal, our priorities may shift and our personal values change. Pausing is a chance to recollect yourself – to review where you’re headed and what you’re doing, looking at yourself from the outside and from within.

Pausing helps you regain your joie de vivre

It only takes a little pause to realize how great life is. It’s right here, so close – all you need is to open your eyes and realize this is what’s real, without any interference or information noise. Allow yourself to stop and smell the roses – literally. Listen to the birds, feel the sun on your face — it can ignite inspiration. When you manage to take a fresh look at the world and see it from a different angle, your soul experiences an emotional reboot. In this way, short pauses allow us to avoid emotional and psychological burnout.

Pausing: Luxury or necessity?

Pausing is a necessity. It’s not a luxury, much less a whim or a sign of laziness. Think of it as a supplement your body needs to remain healthy and strong.

If you ignore your body’s wake-up calls, you could end up hurt or sick. It’s much more pleasant to give yourself short and regular breaks instead, replenishing your strength supply without waiting to get sick.

In the daily rush, remember to pause for just a little. Give yourself moments to feel alive and acknowledge your feelings and emotions. You deserve it.

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