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Article: Week 3: Let Go of The Past

Week 3: Let Go of The Past

Ruminating on the past is something that we all do at one point or another. It’s very common among perfectionists and it doesn’t do you any good. After last week’s post on self-compassion, we all need to lean into that skill more as we begin to let go. Letting go is not easy. Some people need to burn photos of them and their exes - the most Hollywood cliche and I’ve heard that it works, from some of my friends. Some people skip this step and start fresh by moving cities, or cleaning their homes. Whatever it is you need to do, figure out a way that is healthy and do-able and make it happen. 

Finding out what will help you let go is where it’s all work that you’ll need to do. This article suggests that when we consciously acknowledge that the past is the past we can realize it no longer serves us. When we do that, we can start to move away from it, knowing that we don’t need to bring the past into our present by replaying it in our memories. 

This process can be easy and it can be brutal, no matter what it is don’t be hard on yourself. You can lean on your support system, find professional help, or go back to last week’s post and find more ways to create moments of self-compassion. 

If you want some ideas on how to let go of the past, read this article on Mind Body Green.

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