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Article: Week 3: Map Out the Change

Week 3: Map Out the Change

One of the ways to take some control of your situation is to make a plan. This article in the New York Times, articulates it so well, “Many times, we know we want to do something, but we don’t know what “it” is. Explore a bit… Then, once you settle on something, it’s time to plan a bit.” Change feels a lot like that for many of us, there’s uncertainty and a loss of control. Rather than trying to grab hold of the situation, we’ve explored a couple of ways to be present as much as we can. Getting to know the situation and how you feel, makes the planning process easier. With planning, we can start to break down ways that we can adjust to the new change. This article, on Very Well Mind, breaks down 7 steps in making a life plan. In this case, it would be focused on the change you’re going through.

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