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Article: Week 4: Be Present

Week 4: Be Present

Truly listening to a perspective that you strongly disagree with can be difficult.

I’m referring to listening that goes beyond debating the merits of each person’s perspective; listening that doesn’t judge the person for holding a point of view that may be based on values that are drastically different than your own.

Truly grasping the perspective of another requires that you be fully present when you are with someone, whether personally or professionally. It means offering them your undivided attention. Make the moment about them and create space for them to share what they have to share with you. Listen. Respect. We connect at a much deeper level when we understand each other not only through the communication of our five senses, but also through the power of our intuition and awareness.

“I understand” are two of the most powerful words you can say, personally and professionally. Whether we believe in the power of our daily rituals or hold a powerful world-shifting viewpoint, acknowledging and respecting the perspectives of others is the tool that fuels the depth, value, and meaning of our contribution to and relationships with them.

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