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Article: Week 4: Explore Your Spirituality

Week 4: Explore Your Spirituality

Your spiritual journey is such a personal one. Whether or not you believe in a higher power, having the ability to connect with something (or someone) other than yourself can be important. This article breaks down the essentials of spirituality and is a great guide to understanding what the purpose of spirituality is and how it can manifest itself in our lives. Some reasons why we turn to spirituality can include wanting to find a sense of optimism and hope, and also find a community of people who share the same beliefs as you. If you’re feeling lost, trying to capture some form of connection and find the spiritual side of yourself can be a beneficial tool to understanding your mind and how you want to exist in the world. In this experience, there is no right or wrong decision—rather, what makes you feel whole and fulfilled. 

If you’re looking for a more direct approach to spirituality and want to get in touch with yourself this article highlights seven chakra affirmations to help balance your energy. It breaks down certain types of chakras and the corresponding affirmation to help balance them. This type of practise is best explored when you’re in a meditative state, and can truly ground yourself and connect. When a chakra is unaligned, the energy can’t flow properly which can show up in your daily life in the form of negative feelings or emotions. There is so much to learn in the world of spirituality and how to relate with yourself and others. Ideally, doing your own research and learning will guide you in the best direction to start your spiritual journey. But hopefully, these resources and thoughts will get you thinking about how you want to make connections with yourself, others or the world.

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