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Article: Week 4: Hustle Free Hobbies

Week 4: Hustle Free Hobbies

With summer winding down, it can feel like you're in a space of complete overwhelm.

Clear your calendar of the unnecessary, slow down, and discover a hobby that brings you joy and comfort. It can be easier than you think. 

When you spend your time on your hobbies, you’re the one scheduling your life with what you actually want to do. And you’ll wind up feeling happier and recharged from filling your cup instead of using your time to fill everyone else’s.

To start off, be bored. It’s a weird concept when we’re taught that boredom is the root of all evil. Well... be a little witchy this month! 

Through boredom comes creativity, imagination and learning more about what we like to actually do. Not what we should do to keep up with everyone else, and more of what you enjoy doing in your spare time. It’s okay to find something you like doing without it being a side hustle. It’s easy to give up on interests because we often feel like we should give up something, if we’re not the best at it. Now is a great time to give yourself permission to dive into new hobbies without judging your starting point. 

Learning to accept yourself and try new things can give you a sense of purpose and empowerment to feel strong, capable and mindful. 

When you find yourself more in control of your time instead of it controlling you, you learn more about yourself. If you allow yourself to be home and get bored, you’ll quickly find what kinds of things you’re attracted to. 

To discover the right slow living hobby for you, start by asking yourself these questions:

Do I enjoy the outdoors, or do I prefer being inside?

Would I rather create something or learn something?

What supplies and equipment might I already have?

What have I been pinning on Pinterest or gravitating towards on TikTok?

Have I been daydreaming about learning, making, or doing something but never started?

The best slow living hobbies are ones that are done intentionally. Instead of going through the motions to get something done, you’re focused on the process of the actual doing.

You may not be “good” at it, but hobbies like knitting, photography, painting, cooking or puzzling can all be great ways to intentionally slow down and enjoy your time doing or learning something new.

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