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Article: Week 4: Rebalance and Reconnect

Week 4: Rebalance and Reconnect

We’re winding down December and 2021 — and if you’re like me you’re feeling a lot right now. Not only are we entering into a new year, we’re leaving behind one of complete uncertainty, heading to one more just as unsettled. But be assured (High School Musical Style) — we are all in this together.

Still, in the midst of this, each of us has an inner world that is not dictated by the larger, exterior world. Within ourselves, creating the narrative and choosing the intention will change this experience. We each have the power to choose who we will be and what we will stand for in the face of whatever comes.

If you’ve been following along this past year, we’ve been honing in on our intentions. These things take practice! So to round out 2021 and welcome in 2022 (!!!) here are three ways to Reconnect and Rebalance.

Have a daily check in with yourself.

How are you? Ok, now how are you really? Let it bubble up. It may take a few minutes. It may catch you unawares. Let it wash over you. You may want to do this with a friend or other loved one, each taking a turn to share and to listen.

Avoid the temptation to try to fix anything. Just let it be as it is. So often, in our rush to solve or avoid uncomfortable emotions, we gloss over them. The more we identity our realness, the more connected, centered, and grounded we’ll feel.

Don’t forget to move!

Feeling stuck, tired, stressed, bored, anxious? Try moving some oxygen around (5 - 10 slow, deep breaths ought to do it). Perhaps take advantage of the many meditation apps or YouTube channels. Or have yourself your very own Dance Off. Truly, any change in your posture can make a profound difference in your mental state.

Feed your heart.

This may look like gratitude journaling. Or video calling with loved ones. Or intently watching the sunset slide from one hue to the next. Or playing a piece of music that raises the hair on your arms.

Check in with yourself. Move your body. Feed your heart. Check!

And remember, 2021 - we did it - together. We appreciate you. And we are so excited to see what 2022 has in store for all of you.

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