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Article: Week 4: Sexual Wellness

Week 4: Sexual Wellness

Sexual wellness is a fairly new topic, long gone are the days of ‘five ways to please our partner’ articles because we know that sex is not one-size-fits-all. Sexual wellness has become the formal way for us to talk about the physical, mental, and social aspects of sexuality. Sexual wellness as a form of self-care can look like self-pleasure, communicating needs and boundaries with your partner(s), and the use of sexual intimacy to explore your body. There are so many more activities that can fall into this category - but ultimately, better educating ourselves on sexual wellness empowers us to make informed choices that improve our sex lives and wellbeings. 

On a mental and social level, learning how to talk about sexual wellness and how to think about it is one way we can improve our self-awareness towards our own sexuality. Erin Chen, is an advocate for including sexual wellness in our daily lives. Her Tedx Talk on sexual intelligence discusses what it means to develop that side of us. She lists out three things to focus on: give yourself permission to change, give others’ permission to change and explore, and take the time to develop your sexual intelligence. 

At the same time, when done with consent and in a way that is comfortable for you, sex can boost your mood, improve confidence, and energize you. 

On a physical level, this can include anything from improving our diet and lifestyle choices to learning what tools we can use to practice safe sex. We’re really just scratching the surface, like all self-care, sexual wellness in our own lives is a journey. We found this article which lists out five ways to improve your sexual wellness. 

Since we are still experiencing a pandemic, we found this article on KeiSei magazine that explores what sexual wellness looks like during a pandemic.

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