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Article: Week 4: Start Fresh

Week 4: Start Fresh

Maybe you’re still experiencing and exploring the last few weeks – and that’s okay. There’s no urgency in any self-love or self-care, it all takes time. So feel free to spend a little more time on the other phases if starting fresh isn’t accessible or right for you at this moment.

Regardless, to wrap up this month’s intention, the last phase, is to start fresh. Maybe you finally feel ready for a physical change, changing your space, unfollowing Instagram accounts that don’t make you feel good, or Marie Kondo-ing your entire home. All these things count and can help you create room for new things.

It may even be a mental activity, where you decide that you no longer entertain certain thoughts or ways of thinking and that you’re ready for a new way to see life or a situation. If you find old feelings creeping up on you, that’s fine, go back to activities that helped or try new things. It’s a journey and there’s no need to rush through any of it. 

After all this hard work, don’t forget to celebrate yourself. Throw a virtual party, get yourself something nice, and share your joy with someone.

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