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Article: Week 4: Stop and Smell the Changes

Week 4: Stop and Smell the Changes

The difference between us and other living creatures (I think) is our ability to self-reflect. We can look within ourselves. Self-reflection helps us to realize who we are, our essence, to evaluate our physical and emotional states.

When things are changing around us, it can cause us to feel as though we are spinning out of control. This is a horrible way to feel, and it can often cause us to believe (incorrectly) that we’re not living up to our expectations, or that we’re doing something wrong. That’s why it’s important to give yourself a break, reflect and remember to let yourself breathe during a major upheaval.

Self-reflection provides you an opportunity to stop living on autopilot and the self-reflecting process should become your habit.

Examine your mistakes, failures and also positive moments, your strengths.

Here are some ways to go about reflecting on change:

About your day:
What happened today?
What was great and bad about my day?
Am I satisfied with my day?

About your choices:
What was my decision?
Why did I choose it?
What were the consequences?

About your emotions:
What emotions did I experience?
What was the outcome?

Take some time to practice a little self-care and keep telling yourself that it’s okay to be human and take a break from time to time. There is no law that says we have to give our all 100% of the time, so take your foot off the gas and don’t be afraid to coast when things get too challenging or too real for you to handle.

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