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Article: Week 5: Be Vulnerable

Week 5: Be Vulnerable

How are you feeling after last week? Maybe you’re still experiencing and exploring last week’s topic of taking action and amplifying others’ voices—it’s definitely one to think about. Our last step is accepting your vulnerable side. Letting your guard down and being open to giving (and receiving) empathy is what will make being empathetic an easier process. This article recommends vulnerability as a way to fully understand someone’s emotions, which can create a stronger emotional bond. When you share your own experiences, it can make the other person feel more open and empathetic. In tandem with being a better listener and learning from others, being emotionally vulnerable can aid in your journey to having empathy. You can also talk to loved ones or seek professional help for clarity on how to work through or talk about your emotions.

After all this hard work, don’t forget to celebrate yourself. Being empathetic can feel emotionally taxing and take a toll on your wellbeing—try meditating or share your feelings with someone.

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