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Article: A gift from us to you from Kali

A gift from us to you from Kali

We're thrilled to introduce the wonderfully talented Kali to our community this month. Her art is soothing and important. We are excited to share what she has created for us this month.

Kali, thank you very much for being part of this beautiful community. Could you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hellooo! First of all I want to say thank you for inviting me to be part of this! My name is Michelle and I go by Kali. I am originally from Mexico and I have lived in Arizona for the last 5 years. I mostly make digital illustrations and I really enjoy painting. I am currently a server in Tucson, I’m saving to hopefully rent a studio for all my art stuff!

Could you tell us a little bit about your approach and work?
I create virtual illustrations using my phone and iPad,I usually tend to pick colors I like, go to the app I use (procreate), add them together, play with the features on it until I like how the background looks. I usually use my own quotes and quotes from my favorite artists around the world. My favorite illustrations to make are daily affirmations, they make me feel confident and I love to share that with my family, friends and followers.

What about these particular pieces? How do you want people to feel when they observe them?
I want people to read them and actually believe it. These are some of my favorite quotes, they help me a lot with loving myself and I want my audience to feel the same way. I want them to feel confident and know that good things are always coming!

Our intention this month is “Courage”. What are your thoughts on that and how is it reflected in this work?
I think that it’s great that “courage” is the intention of the month. I feel it’s very important to be authentic and true to ourselves and always share how we actually feel with the people we love. I hope my art inspires people to have courage by reading my daily affirmations.

How do you embody or what do you do that make you feel courageous?
I always try to get out of my comfort zone when I can. I talk to myself like I talk to the people I love, I embrace my failures even though it’s very hard sometimes, and I continue to learn everyday!

We’re always curious about what people are listening to. What’s your go-to right now or in general?

BAD BUNNY! That's all I listen to right now, his new album “Un verano sin ti” is on repeat 24/7! My favorite one at the moment is “Un coco”. I am hoping to go to his concert this month! If you are reading this go listen to his album you will love it!!!

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Great job! thank you

Karla Phipps

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