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Article: Week 3: Creative Courage

Week 3: Creative Courage

It takes real courage to create. To create the life you want requires the courage to act and do things differently. To create takes courage to move beyond what you know, what you care about, what you want, and what already exists. Only those with great courage can tackle such things.

There are some songs we cry to, and others we take shots of cheap vodka to. Creative courage is what’s needed to go to the depths of ourselves rather than wading on the surface of human experience.

Creative courage exposes the danger of superficial art and propaganda. Just as a hollow relationship of pure physicality allows you to avoid the call to social courage, empty art robs you of the chance for creative courage.

Allow yourself to be human — you aren’t perfect, and no one is expecting perfection — that isn’t what being creative is about. Be ok with getting things wrong sometimes. It’s often fear that keeps us from trying new things. Fear of failure, or fear of expectations.

Most of us believe we can’t pursue our creative dreams. We lack the conviction to step out of our comfort zones and do the thing we love most. Instead of letting your preconceived notions stop you, let them go. Be courageous and let your creativity guide you.

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