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Article: Monday Must: Ask An Expert: Diana Vo

Monday Must: Ask An Expert: Diana Vo

Diana Vo is a Toronto-based Holistic facialist and product formulator. Her facial and products assist clients with skincare concerns such as sensitive skin, acne, and eczema in better understanding their skin through more natural ways. This week Diana answered (a lot!) of concerns about how to keep your skin happy and glowing for all skin types, whether your concern is anti-aging, acne, sensitivity, or eczema. 

What can I do for hyperpigmentation?

For home-care use products that contain brightening agents such as Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Azelaic acid. You can also use gentler acids such as lactic acid to exfoliate chemically.  

Do I need to wear sunscreen on my lips? 

Yes, this is such an underrated topic, and I think everyone should prevent darker lips. Using lip balms with shea butter also helps because it has natural sun protection or try to look for lip balms with an SPF added to them. 

What's the order of layering products like serums and moisturizers?

When in doubt, always apply the thinnest texture products to the thickest. In this case, your serum will go before your moisturizer. 

What's the best treatment for hormonal cystic pimples?

A build of oils and bacteria causes cystic pimples. One of the tips I always tell my customers is to massage the area and ice it to reduce inflammation and swelling. 

How do I get rid of puffy eyes? 

This is a buildup of stagnant lymphatic drainage, so I recommend an ice pack or green tea bags, and gently tap your eye bone with your eye serum or eye cream. 

What kind of facials do you do? 

I specialize in helping people with problematic skin and curating facial treatment that suits their needs. I work with the body internally and externally through Lymphatic drainage, massage and specific products to address their concerns to bring them healthy, glowing skin that lasts. 

I’m in my late twenties and I still get acne! My pores are consistently clogged and I often get breakouts (hormonal I believe). I feel like I’m at the age where I should be using anti-aging products but I’m still trying to get my acne under control. Any tips are appreciated!

Having acne in your 20s and 30s is very common - it's the cause of hormonal imbalance. I always tell my clients to tackle one problem at a time to find the root of the problem. This can include your diet, lifestyle, and incorrect products, excavating the breakouts. I always work with my clients to reduce the inflammation and have fewer breakouts before introducing a routine for their other concerns, such as anti-aging or hyperpigmentation. You always want to make sure the moisture barrier is healthy and strong before adding more active ingredients to address other concerns.

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