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Article: A Gift from Us to You with Glo

A Gift from Us to You with Glo

Glo is a graphic designer, stylist, photographer, and dancer. She freelances and has worked on projects like SHOEBAE, Naptural, and Skiin. This month, Glo has created tech art that is reflective of the current social climate and challenges us to think about where we stand.

Hi Glo - Thank you for creating November’s tech art! Can you introduce yourself to our community? 

Hey, I'm Glo! I'm a nomadic graphic designer and artist.  My art is grounded in the pursuit of encouraging community, wisdom, and a love for Hip Hop. Curiosity, forward-thinking, and a sharp eye for design and style has initiated features and collabs with FADER Magazine, the Toronto Star, CTV News, Breakfast Television, Champion, Call & Response, and Urban Outfitters. My artistic work distinguishes itself with bold colour combinations and typographic expressions, encouraging those who encounter it to engage introspectively and earnestly. When I'm not behind a screen clicking away, I can be found behind my lens, styling a set ... or dancing in my bedroom.

Can you briefly describe the art you made for MARY YOUNG?

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER was designed recently, corresponding to recent events - an uproar of outrage on social media in response to racial injustices against black people. As a black person, of course I was glad that racial injustice was receiving such backlash. However, many of the posts that would show up on my timeline felt performative and lacked genuinity - as if seeking justice had now just become a trend; something that validated your feed.

ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER means exactly what it says. In other words: words without action are meaningless.

TRY was inspired by the saying: "if you don't try, you don't win". Nuff said.

WHAT'S YOUR WHY is a question I was asked that just always stuck in my mind. Often times, we get caught up with things we don't need, enjoy, love, or deserve - simply because without putting intention and purpose behind our actions, we are not fulfilled by our outcome. I use this as a reminder to myself to always think of my WHY first.

What was your creative process like?

My art is typically connected to messages I feel personally speak to me. Digitizing it allows me to manifest it into a tangible source of hope, comfort, and wisdom for those who could also benefit from a reminder of whichever message the art is portraying.

What do you hope people feel when they see your work?

I want people to not only read what is presented, but to also FEEL it and read it again and again and hold onto that if it applies to their situation or whatever they may be going through.

What are three songs that you currently like to listen to while you’re creating?

Lately, I've been listening to: 

  1. Photosynthesis by Saba ft. Jean Deaux

  2. Grind (Lex) by Mr. Carmack

  3. Kompany by Monte Brooker, Smino, & Phoelix

  4. and anything by Joey Bada$$, really


 You can connect with Glo via her website.

Hold image or right click to save and use as a wallpaper for your phone or computer!

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