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Article: Monday Must: POV (Pedro's Own Version)

Monday Must: POV (Pedro's Own Version)


Hey, I'm Pedro. If you're in Toronto, we've probably crossed paths at an event, restaurant, gym, or just on the streets. I like to describe myself as that familiar face in the community. I currently work at Myodetox focusing on community and guest experience. I'm also co-founder of The Appreciation Program, a small group fitness community focused on a holistic approach to self-care. 


The first thing I consume daily is a glass of water (looking at your phone counts as consumption btw). I won't bore you with all the health benefits but the goal is to start your day off giving yourself the right fuel. If you want to perform at your best, hydration is essential (it really is essential to life haha). 

POV: I usually pour the glass of water before I go to bed. That way if the sleepy brain kicks in, all I have to do upon waking is not spill it over myself drink.

Spark Your Brain

Consume something inspiring (to you). This is an important step into slowly carving out the life you want to live. If it inspires your thoughts, it can become a reality. How much easier is it to re-create something rather than make it for the first time? It all starts in your brain, so give it some energy. 

POV: Typically I like to listen to something (either a podcast/interview, album) but on occasion, I'll read or check out an exhibit at the AGO. 

My current go to's: 

Podcasts: Business for Unicorns - Michael Keeler, Broken Record w/ Rick Rubin & Malcolm Gladwell, Booch, Please - Keren Chen, The Longest Stride - Jonathan & Dre

Album: This list is too long but usually I pick an artist I'm vibing with & listen to a body of their work front to back. 

Move Your Body

Run, practise yoga, go for a walk, lift weights, cycle? Strengthening your physical body will only enhance your life and we seem to learn a lot of life lessons through exercise and movement. Ideally a minimum of 20 mins a day!  Whatever it is you love (or can tolerate'll eventually begin to love it). Get going.

POV: When I move first thing in the morning, I like to keep it at a lower-moderate intensity (walking, cycling, running, yoga). More intense workouts (either running/resistance training) are scheduled for around lunchtime or later. Schedule these workouts in and see how much more consistent you'll be! 

Do Something That Keeps You In The Moment

You know those activities that keep you 100% focused and engaged? Do that. It’s important for you to focus. Maybe it’s work one day, reading another, and movement the other days. Being present in the moment and contributing to your mindful minutes jar will go a long way for your mental health. 

POV: Meditation is my go-to way to be mindful. I usually follow a guided 10-15 minute practice on an app (used Calm & now Insight Timer). Mindfulness can take so many different forms. Some days, it meshes with my movement. Get lost in the moment!! 


Some days it's the first thing on my mind, other days it's the last thing I think about. No matter what, I take a moment in my day to be grateful to be living in this moment.

POV: I am a healthy able-bodied male living in one of the best cities in the world. I have clothes on my back, a roof over my head, and a bed to sleep in. I have family and friends who show me endless amounts of love. I have food and water available. Regardless of how my day has been, there is so much in this life to be grateful for. 

What do you do to spark your brain? Let us know in the comments below or share with us on Instagram by tagging us @itsmaryyoung.

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