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Article: Monday Must: Fall Eats

Monday Must: Fall Eats


We’re deep into the Fall season, the leaves have changed colours, people are wearing sweaters and the breeze is crisp. We’re not sure about you but for us - the colder weather definitely works up our appetite. It’s not always easy for us to have time to make something delicious for ourselves and we end up in an endless rotation of the same 5 recipes that we like to eat all year round because we’re busy. But, we’re here to break the cycle and want to share what we like to eat with you. Keep reading to see what our team is craving when it’s Fall and if there’s something that you love that we NEED to know about send us the recipe or leave a comment.

Chillis, Soups, Stews, and Roasts

Terry - our do-it-all office mom, loves hearty food when the weather starts getting chilly. She says, “One of my favourites is a chicken and dumpling recipe I have - YUM!! All this is to put on winter weight to stay warm in cooler temps  LOL!” We can’t currently get our hands on this special chicken and dumpling recipe (maybe if we all ask enough we’ll get to share it with you all) but, here’s a recipe from Delish that we’d like to try in the meantime.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Black Coffee on the Side

Our content creator, Helen, prefers something quick, seasonal, healthy, and tasty. She says, “My parents always boiled sweet potatoes for breakfast but I like roasted sweet potatoes. It’s quite a hefty snack so I’ll have a coffee or a hot tea on the side to help wash it down. It’s a really simple snack and it’s common in a lot of East Asian countries to snack on sweet potatoes - especially when they’re in season!” Helen says she just throws in a couple of sweet potatoes in the oven at broil and check at the 30-minute mark, flip them, put them back for another 30-minutes – she says “I like to see some of the skin burnt or signs of caramelization before taking them out.” Let them cool before you crack one open! Here’s a video of a similar recipe for you.

Chicken and Rice Soup

Mary loves a good Chicken and Rice soup - with a twist. She likes to top it off with her favourite chili oil. We suggest spicing things up by trying Arroz Caldo and topping it off with your chili oil of choice!


When the seasons change and the weather gets colder, our marketing manager, Diandra, whips out her good ol’ crockpot. Yes. It is crockpot SZN! When it comes to crockpot recipes - the world is your oyster. We’re privileged enough to have access to all sorts of ingredients but why not try a crockpot Ratatouille recipe. These veggies are typically in season in the Summer but you’ll still be able to grab some late-season produce. Or try this Butternut Squash Soup recipe!

Bonus: Seasonal Recipes We Want to Try

Girl in Calico has this amazing 9-minute youtube video full of Autumn recipes that we’re eyeing. We’re talking Apple Tahini Toast, Roasted Veggie Bowl, and more. If you enjoy cozy, cottage core, woodsy aesthetic - this video is a must-watch. There’s also an article on eating seasonally and the benefits of it on their blog - read here.

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