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Article: A Gift from Us to You with Helen Mak

A Gift from Us to You with Helen Mak

Hi! You’ve met me before, my name is Helen Mak, I’m a content creator for MARY YOUNG. I’m also a self-proclaimed multi-disciplinary artist when there’s time. For October, I’m giving all of you a little sneak peek at a new photography style I’m working on for a photo book that I want to make centered around my experiences in Seoul and since October is one of my favourite months of the year - I’m throwing in a little fall playlist full of songs that are perfect for a crisp Fall day (scroll to the bottom for it).

On tech art: The tech art are edits of film photos I took in Seoul during my working holiday. I love using small point and shoots and always carry one with me at all times. In Seoul, I had felt a constant need to capture every moment because I wanted to be able to re-live it. I was especially drawn to colourful, and busy scenes – which Seoul never seemed to lack. I’ve always been interested in dreams, dream psychology, and the experiences of day dreams and it’s been showing in the way I approach photography and the editing process. I wanted to create an intoxicating dream-like state – the kind of feeling I often felt while I was in Seoul.

The photo at the top of this post was taken at Ahnchelsoon, a little pub that is known for playing retro Korean music. Located in an old industrial neighbourhood, with many up and coming design studios, cafe’s, bars, and restaurants of a similar vein. The second photo are of yellow lilies that peeped out from behind an iron gate, that lead to a humble little house in Hannam-dong (near Itaewon), one of my favourite neighbourhoods.

I hope you enjoy this month’s tech art!

You can connect with me via Instagram: @helnmak


Hold image or right click to save and use as a wallpaper for your phone or computer!

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