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Article: April: Letting Go

April: Letting Go

Is there something you're holding on to that you can afford to let go of? Is there something that's weighing you down that you could perhaps lighten up about? Could it be time to finally put it down? Maybe it's time to spring clean your mind.

I think our minds often resemble that hallway closet (Monica’s secret closet anyone?). It’s that cupboard which you stuff full of everything - doors bulging and hinges straining - in an attempt to make the place look tidy. And then of course each time there are more things, yet more stuff gets crammed in there, obscuring the view of the things at the back...which just get increasingly squashed and trampled down over time.

Many people seem to experience something quite similar with the mind. It's as if all that stuff from over the years just gets piled up and pushed down, to the point where the mind begins to feel very heavy and life begins to feel like a burden. 

This month we’re looking at the practice of "letting go" of emotions, and noticing how transient they are. This is great for negative emotions, such as anger and shame - but what about the positive emotions of happiness and love? I feel nervous about letting go of these, and treating them as passing objects of curiosity. They feel integral to who I am. Our question this month, is what is left of the central "me" when we let go of the emotions that (seem to) define us? Is there a limit to letting go? And how do we go about doing it? Find out with us as we dive into the best April yet.


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