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Article: August: Slow Living

August: Slow Living

The past year and a half hasn’t been easy. We’ve lost jobs and incomes, lost graduations and milestones, lost friends, and lost connections. It feels like all we’ve wanted is to get back to normal. However this forced hiatus has also given us perspective and perhaps, a new normal.

For many, life spins so fast that there is no time to deeply enjoy it anymore. Our obsession with doing more, getting more and striving for more has turned into an addiction. Despite being more connected than ever before we have never been so disconnected from the world that surrounds us. The fast and hurried life is hectic, controlling, competitive, aggressive, depressive, analytical, anxiety-ridden, superficial, impatient, self-centred and destructive. And after a year and half off course, there’s this nagging feeling that we need to double down to get back on track.

If you’re out there living your vaxx girl summer, or getting your hustle back up and running you might be exhausted. Fret not, it’s not (just) age! You aren’t alone in feeling fatigued from a socializing schedule you would have handled just fine pre-pandemic. That go-go-go mentality you had pre-lockdown needs a revamp. Now's the time to set those boundaries and slowly build and create time for yourself to take it all in, one day at a time.

Week 1: Connect and Disconnect: Boundaries

Week 2: Mindful Mornings

Week 3: Stop And Smell The Roses

Week 4: Hustle Free Hobbies

Hope you’re soaking up those last golden rays of August and thanks for following along with our intention this month. We’ve talked to so many of you over the past five weeks and it’s been clear that we’ve all had a summer like no other. The pandemic forced many of us, kicking and screaming, to slow down, take a break — or stop completely.

For some, this was really hard to address. We realized that our busy lives were distraction techniques, diversions, or simply that we’ve been running on adrenaline for years. But as the months went by, the dust settled and we adjusted to our newer pace. And then summer crept in and things opened up again. You may have found that once again you were filling your calendar to the brim, or maybe you intentionally declined more things than you would have in the past.

While we’ve focused on slow living throughout the month, if you can, take five minutes now to reflect on what this movement means to you. We’re currently inundated with social media and news and honestly, things seem terribly grim. Finding time to slow down can begin with just your mind — embrace your inner sloth.

Allow yourself to unplug, sit with your thoughts and reflect on all the warm memories, gatherings and moments you’ve collected over the past month. Lots of good, deliciously slow moments.

Learning to slow down doesn’t suddenly happen in a month, but the intention behind it is a lesson you can learn for a lifetime. These intentions are designed to help you challenge your thinking and take small steps to shift your mindset.

Here are some prompts to keep your mind going post-monthly-intention:

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