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Article: Monday Must: Newsletters To Follow

Monday Must: Newsletters To Follow


If you know me, you know I love to read articles of all kinds on all topics. I’m constantly sending my friends articles that I think they will like or that I want to talk about. I ingest them like it’s a part-time job. Most friends ask me where I find all these articles that range so greatly in topics, well, I have a high-key obsession for newsletters. There are so many to offer that cover all categories and send credible articles straight to you. These are ~some~ of the newsletters I love dearly – you honestly don’t want to know how many I’m actually subscribed to.

News / Current Events  Picks

Need2Know - Debatably my favourite newsletter, I rarely miss one and have been subscribed for a few years. Gives your daily ‘need to know’ top news in the morning with direct links to credible sources. They often add some humour and always finish with a witty tweet. 

Wake-Up Call with Katie Couric - I grew up watching Katie Couric on the Today show and discovering her newsletter has not disappointed. It’s another newsletter that gives all the news you need to start your day. It features more topics and is a bit more in- depth than Need2Know.

The 5-Minute Fix by Washington Post - Personally, I find it can be draining to keep up with US politics but as an American I also know how important it is to stay informed -- especially with an election coming up (register to vote!). This newsletter is an easy and digestible politics cheat sheet that can be read in 5 minutes or less. 

Community Picks

The Daily Good by The Good Trade - Another one that I’ve been subscribed to for quite a while and always check out. It’s a daily newsletter that centers mainly around sustainability and self-care that is a quick read and always filled with new discoveries. 

Girls’ Night In - A bit of longer read, but one I look to getting every Friday. It features an abundance of reads and recommendations to go through. I like to take my time with this one, it always has some interesting finds.

The Newsette - I’m a new subscriber but I was seeing it everywhere and so far I’ve been very into it. Another daily newsletter, women focused, that covers a variety of topics in a cheeky tone, plus includes a new interview with an individual or brand in each one.

Final Favs

Anti-Racism Daily - written by Nicole Cardoza, this newsletter is a must subscribe. This newsletter has made education a daily practice for me. It clearly lays out an action you can take, ways you can educate yourself with direct links and explanations as well as key takeaways all on a new topic each day. 

Chani Nicolas - Chani Nicolas is an absolute gem in so many ways and so is her weekly newsletter that, as she describes, delivers ‘love notes to your inbox’. It’s full of updates on current astrology, horoscopes and so much more. 

Dazed Daily - Covering a variety of topics that mainly feature their own content and articles, this keeps me informed on things that feel way too cool for me but I’m still really curious about. 

What are some newsletters that you’re following? Let us know in the comments below or share with us on Instagram by tagging us @itsmaryyoung.

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