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Article: Monday Must: The seasons of life: How to dress for them

Monday Must: The seasons of life: How to dress for them

Hello! Hi I’m Claudia, and I am a vintage clothing seller and wholesaler who runs Cloud Girl Vintage. As summer ends and the chilly weather and shorter days approach, I always find myself looking at my closet and thinking to myself “what the heck am I going to wear this fall? Am I going to be going back to my old habits of jeans and a hoodie again?” “Who am I?”. I find we grow so much with the season, and as a new one comes, so does a new us, and I find a wardrobe is a great place to express that. So let’s chat about it: how can we get our wardrobes to reflect who we are going into a new season both in weather and life.

It’s so interesting to me how even in a short period of time just based on experiences alone how much we change as humans. The good, the bad and even the ugly can really shape how we view things, people, places and I find that can especially make us feel that way with our wardrobes. Before I got into the vintage game I was a young stylist trying to make outfits for people and especially in the way I was dressing would really reflect on what was not only going on with myself but the world around me. From seasons, to events to even emotions, and expressing that through fashion has always been easy for me, so I want to share those things with you.

Take a look in your closet: what does it say?

I like to really take a look at all the items I own and have collected over time and think about a few things. What items have I been wearing the most? What makes me feel my best? What can I transition into this new part of my life? Take those out and really study them, it can say more than you really think it does.

It’s ok to let go

Just like how we have to clean up the leaves or how we need to close up a cottage, sometimes we need to take a deep breath and let things go or close up that chapter of our  lives. If you find some items of clothing don’t reflect who you are anymore, or if you wore them during a painful period of your life, let them give new life somewhere else. Donating to a women’s shelter, a clothing swap with friends or even a friendly yard sale can breathe new life into an item for someone else to make new memories with.

You never know till you try!

So now you have an idea of what you have and who you are, now it’s time to try something new! An easy way to freshen up a wardrobe on a budget is to pair items with other items you never have before. Put on a sweater with a slip dress, wear those jeans with boots you never thought would go together, or even use an accessory the way it wasn't supposed to be worn, you never know till you try!

Don’t be shy to wear your feelings

I always find it so sad that we are taught to hide our emotions and they can be considered “messy”. Emotions are such a beautiful thing and sometimes the best way to express those is to wear them. Because sometimes it’s scary to say them out loud. If you're feeling blue then wear something cozy and comfortable that  makes you feel warm and protected. If you're feeling not so hot, follow what the classics do and throw some red lipstick on, an outfit that makes you feel hot and spicy and oh so fierce. Most of all, wear what makes you happy. Doesn’t matter what it is or who it’s by, if it makes you happy, wear it.

Treat ur self ✨

Everything in moderation can’t hurt. If you’re missing that one thing that will help you feel full, or just a chilly day pick me up just go for it! It can be that cool vintage tee you’ve been eyeing, those perfect fall boots or even just a warm tea on a park bench. Find simple ways to tell yourself that no matter what you’re going through or what place you are in your life that you can have a little pick me up to feel like your true self again.

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