October: Prioritizing Your Health

If there’s one thing we’re not missing out on these days, it’s information. We are constantly inundated with answers. Rarely do we find ourselves saying something with 100% confidence without fact checking it first. On the one hand this is great! We’re no longer readily passing on that random piece of information, your neighbour’s mum gave you on the sidewalk this morning — unless it’s some really hot neighbourhood goss... But on the other hand, we have a hard time trusting our instincts as well. 

Being healthy is an important measure for a lot of people, but you may not always know how to prioritize your wellness. You may have the best intentions, but your busy life can get in the way. We also tend to put our complete faith in the hands of others or the internet (oops). 

Yet having a voice when it comes to your own health, whether that be mental, hormonal, physical, spiritual, etc. is so very important. You have a right to feel valued, empowered and in charge of your own body.

This month — after a very long and shaky year — we’re going to focus on us. It’s time we prioritize our health, and focus on ways we can gain confidence to navigate the systems and build self-advocacy skills along the way.

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