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Article: October Intention: Trust + Some New Changes

October Intention: Trust + Some New Changes

A lot is changing here on the self love club and I couldn't be more excited to share it with you. If you’ve been following along the past few years (thank you!!) you know we’ve followed our monthly intention with a fair bit of structure – weekly dives into the intention for us all to grow together. Which has been great but I’ve been feeling for more of a natural flow of discussion around the intentions and more. With that said, our monthly intentions will continue but will have a more natural flow with even more personal exploration from myself. You will find intention content here on the journal but even more on the self love club podcast and dropped in your inbox weekly.

Outside of the changes, I'm still committed to our monthly intentions, like our new October intention, trust. So when it comes to trust, I want you to sit down and think about what trust means to you? Is that a word that gives you feelings of positivity, of safety and security? Or does it make you feel a little antsy? Maybe a little worried or anxious because you don't feel like trust is an active part of your relationships – especially the one with yourself. To learn trust, the most important place to begin is with yourself, so let's commit to growing our self-trust together this month. 

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